2018 Toyota C-HR Review

2018 Toyota C-HR

2018 Toyota C-HR – The future is here, and it’s not lower, not wider, not sleeker, and not quicker, and it wears ridiculous taillights. Look past its automaton Donkey Kong styling and therefore the 2018 Toyota C-HR is that the conveyance embodiment of lazy standard knowledge because the second decade of the twenty first century dissolves away. It’s enormous, however it’s not attempting, either. It’s okayish by default.
Now that trunks square measure fleetly being eradicated like variola major, the C-HR is of course a five-door issue sort of a crossover, except that each one pretense of cross-country ability—including even nonmandatory all-wheel drive—has gone AWOL. It style of fills the slots that Toyota accustomed populate with each the larger Venza and therefore the smaller descendent xD, with a shout-out to the Matrix. The letters symbolize car (though it isn’t one) and High Rider (though it doesn’t ride all that high). As such, it’s a philosophical rejection of the boxy-box descendent xB aesthetic that when appeared destined to endure and currently survives solely within the Kia Soul.
The C-HR is basically Toyota’s interpretation of the Nissan Juke with a combined nudge to the Honda HR-V. It’s larger than either of those—the 103.9-inch distance exceeds the Juke’s by four.3 inches, and its 171.2-inch overall length is eight.8 inches longer. Like those competitors, it includes similar options like high-mounted rear door handles and a foreshortened tail. And somewhat just like the Juke, the C-HR has the profile of a hunkered down pongid.

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